Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mysterious Destany

My journey is a slow and long one because of the destiny that I am called to. It's taken a long time for me to learn to walk in that truth. I've felt like I've waisted time flailing in life due to the implications of that truth.

It's always seemed apparent to me that me walking in my identity and passions and destiny looks like a final goal... Not a journey. And it always seemed like this destiny should arrive at a young age because I worked hard for it.

Now it seems more evident that this destiny looks more like a daily choosing into a journey rather than an end goal. And, further more, I now understand that the big things that I am called to are bigger than a career or a job or a house or certain accomplishments. That I'm called to something bigger, longer suffering, life long, and developing.

This is a freeing revelation. That I haven't missed my destiny by not arriving where I feel I should be. But, rather, by being present in the journey, I am not just choosing into the journey but, actually, living out my destiny... Daily.

So, in my own awkward way, I am now choosing to live out my destiny in the little things and in the detached things. And this new reality feels more true to my heart than ever.

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