Friday, October 24, 2014

Encountered by More than Existance

Infinitely diverse and infinitely complex. 

Your are Creator of everything and yet you are not Creator at all. Still, You are not not the Creator. 

You are omnipresent yet You don't exist at all. Not in the way that existance is defined by our human minds. Not in the way that I exist. You are existence, yet you do not exist at. Still, you do not not exist. 

Your are who You are. Undefinable by me. Undefinable by my community. 

Still, I seek to know You.

I seek to know what there is to know about this Entity that is everything in such an all encompassing way that It is nothing. Show me what there is to learn. Give me knowledge of You. Of what You've touched. Of the expansion of your Energies.

Even more, encounter me. Encounter me, as I can never encounter your Omnipresent Nothingness. Encounter me. Meet me where You have placed me. Meet me where I now find myself. Wrapped in Your arms. Not wrapped in Your arms. Not not wrapped in your arms.

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