Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Ordinary

Lately I'm finding the ordinary mystical. Beautiful. Wonderful. Enchanting.

My heart has always come alive to the mysteries of Creation. But life got busy and over the years I've lost my first love. But I'm being called back. Called back to my first love. Called back to the original purpose of Creation. Mystery.

How beautiful. My heart just comes alive!

There is a mystery that is beyond me. And I love it! I'm not sure what to do about this perplexing enchantment. It overwhelms me.

It's the beauty of the normal. This beauty is too often lost in the pursuit of what we believe is good and what we believe is important and priority. That's because this beauty is far smaller than anything we can controle. This beauty is in the simple. It's in the Eucharist of the daily. It's in the very fact that the mystery is itself in the ordinary. It's not the ordinary itself that calls me in, but the beauty of the lack of duality between my spirit and the ordinary.

The beauty that we are ok. The beauty that simple herbs harbor healing power. Actual healing power. The beauty that we don't know and that that's ok. The mystery of the way our body's interact with medical technology. The mystery of the way our body's don't interact with medical technology. The enchantment of the air I breath. Beyond the science. It actually brings me life. The physical mingling with the spiritual. Something lost in the postmodern world. But something more abstract than any contemporary philosopher could conger. Something more certainly uncertain than anything else.

I'm perplexed. I'm in love. I'm in search of the beauty everywhere. Of the mystery. I will spend my life seeking it out.